1. What is Small Action Big Impact? 

Small Action Big Impact is a behavioural change recycling campaign brought to you by Cawleys. Launched during Recycle Week 2018, it will run for 12 months.

Over the next 12 months, we want to show you how easy it is to have a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle, both at home and at work. Everyone and every organisation are invited to join. 

2. What’s a ‘behavioural change campaign’? 

It’s a way of helping people find small improvements to their day-to-day activities that will make a big impact on the environment.  

Each month is themed with a different environmental focus, so you’ll have 12 opportunities to find out what you do well already and what you can do to improve. 

3. How does it work? 

 Make your first pledge.

 You can keep this pledge to yourself or make it public, it’s up to you. The important thing is that you commit to it and stick with it throughout the month. Once you’ve created these good habits, it will be easy to continue your positive actions after the month is up too.

 We’ll email you with helpful tips and ideas to keep you going. Each month will have a different pledge, so you’ll be invited to make a new pledge each month. 

 At the end, of it, we’ll share how much we've achieved together and how much of an impact we’ve made. 

4. Why should I get involved? 

Apart from helping the environment and feeling good doing it? 

You can also win prizes just for joining in. Each month, after you make your pledge you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a sustainable prize.

 5. Why should my workplace/organisation get involved?  

The aim of Small Action Big Impact is to get as many people working together to make a bigger impact.  

If your workplace/organisation gets involved, the impact of everyone’s actions can accumulate leading to bigger and more visible lasting change.

Better yet, if 10 or more of you pledge to an action from the same workplace/organisation, you’ll have the chance to win an Engagement Roadshow for your company at the end of the 12 months! 

Want more benefits? Read our blog on how getting involved with this campaign can help your organisation.

6. What are the terms and conditions for the monthly emails? 

See our privacy policy here.

7. Can I hold an event at my workplace? 

Yes, you can. Just contact us to find out how. 

8. Do I have to pay? 

Nope! Joining the campaign is free. The tips you’ll learn along the way might actually help you save money!   

9. Why is it 12 months long? 

12 months means 12 opportunities to make a difference.  

It’s a bit overwhelming to make one big change and stick to it long enough to make a difference, so by taking the changes on month by month,  it’s more manageable for everyone.

10. Do I have to pledge every month? 

Ideally, it would be great if you could, but you don’t have to.  And if you change your mind mid-way through the month, you’ll still have time to make your pledge. You can even go back and pledge if you missed the month!