And the winner is...


Aiming to raise awareness with the ‘Small Action Big Impact’ cause, we were thrilled to award prize winner of January’s Recycling SABI competition.

Olga from the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.  Olga received some fantastic goodies for her participation and commitment to the cause as well as, shared how she’d implemented a few new methods to do here bit for the environment:

‘Follow the instructions, they are simple to understand and make it easy to do the right thing. Buy loose food to reduce your waste overall and always recycle the packaging where it is possible.’

Changing the way we do things in our day to day routines can contribute significantly to the cause.  Like Olga, we want to encourage as many people as possible to be green minded and to utilize the support we offer on top tips!

Olga advised: ‘It is always nice to do the best you can but it makes a real difference when this is acknowledged. I get a lot of tips from waste champions on YouTube and other platforms and I always spread the tips that I learn. I am very keen about waste and recycling and this prize makes my effort even more worthwhile.’

Look out for more opportunities to enter future prize draws or if you’re keen to be onboard, visit our website to see how you can contribute your input.


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