Household Recycling

We’ve heard a lot about the impacts of coffee cups, plastic straws, bottles and the likes the past year. Now that we have our reusable cups, bags etc., and putting as much to reuse as we possibly can, what’s next?

Now we are looking in the home to see what more we can do to recycle. Recycling at home is really where the small actions can make big impacts, and it doesn’t have to be a chore.

Creating a convenient recycling system is key. One way to do that is to segregate your waste. By having different bins for different materials, placed conveniently near general waste areas, that could also be labelled to help others know where stuff goes.

Not only does this make recycling more accessible, it also makes the whole process of recycling quicker! Better prepared recycling allows more efficiency in collecting the valuable materials and properties needed to produce new products. This means that your recyclable waste can be processed and put back to reuse within months, as opposed to going to landfill where it will stay unused and wasted for hundreds of years.

“Always read the label”

Always read the label on the packaging of all goods and for best results, clean and let dry before disposal. Any food or product residue contaminates the recyclable materials, putting it to landfill.

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So, do you know what is recycled or not?

Below is a list of household items that you can recycle that you may not have known about!


• Magazines, office paper, newspaper, junk mail, phone books

• Plastic trays

• Oven ready meal trays

• Milk bottles

• Detergent bottles

• Spray bottles with trigger spray removed

• Lose leaf binders and plastic pipes

• Dry cleaning bags, produce bags and squeezable bottles

• Medicine bottles, sauce condiment bottles

• Aluminium foil

• Pie tins

• Metal cans

• Flattened cardboard

• Toilet paper and paper towel rolls

• Glass bottles and jars with lids; all colours

• Ink/toner cartridges


Plastic bags •

Plastic film packaging (crisp packets) •

Multi-layer non-recyclable plastics •

Multi-pack rings for canned drinks •

Fruit and vegetable net bags/stickers •

PVC cling film •

Bottle tops and caps •

Disposable plastic cups and cutlery •

Salad and cereal bags •

Plastic cup lids •

Plastic coffee pods •

Milk and salad dressing pots •

Food-tainted items (paper plates or boxes, paper towels, or paper napkins) •

Ceramics and kitchenware •

Broken windows and mirrors •

Packing peanuts and bubble wrap •

Wax boxes and cartons •

Photographs •

Medical waste •

Polystyrene or styrofoam •

Hazardous chemicals and chemical containers •

Sporting goods and equipment •

Foam egg cartons •

Wood •

Light bulbs •


• Batteries

• Electronics & chord wires

• Coffee cups

• Wire hangers

• Clothing

• Toys

*Visit to use their locator function to see what is locally recycled to you!

For more information on recycling at home visit the SABI website

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